Cable networks

Cabling – lifelines in modern society

No area of life would be conceivable today without electricity in its extensive variety of forms and uses, whether it is used for lighting, telecommunications or machines and equipment in medicine, industry or administration. Power, signal and data connections form the heart of every infrastructure.

The construction of power lines and optical fibre networks requires special technical expertise. SWR is a strong partner for local authorities and the private sector in this field.

Our service portfolio:
  • Cable line new construction and renewal
  • Complex cable and empty pipe laying work
  • New construction and renewal of building supply lines
  • Project engineering and planning
  • Electrical assembly work up to 30 kV voltage level
  • Repair work and rapid response services
  • Street lighting, including light pole installation


Our references

Cable pipeline construction in detail

  • Certified to RAL GZ 962-2 of the German Underground Line Construction Quality Control Association