All-inclusive package: All networks

Everything from a single supplier – assured quality from the system service provider

Gas, heating, water, electricity, communications and waste water: Complex systems require multi-sector expertise and perfect coordination. Matched to needs, integrated all-inclusive solutions offer many financial advantages.
Opt for a central contact person and thus decades of experience, extensive expertise and exceptional team strength.
Our service portfolio:
  • Complete development of new build areas
  • Cross-trade implementation of projects, including complex ones
  • Construction of complete supply lines
  • Construction of all building connections – for all services
  • Trench backfilling using liquid soil method
  • Project engineering and planning of all infrastructure services


Our references

Pipeline construction – complete package in detail

  • Heating, AGFW approval, FW 601, FW 1
  • Gas, DVGW approval, GW 301, G1, R2
  • Water, DVGW approval, GW 301, W1, R2
  • Electricity, certified to RAL-GZ 962-2
  • Sewer system, certified to RAL-GZ 961, Group AK2
  • Trench backfilling using liquid soil method (certified to RAL-GZ 507 Group A1/H1)
  • All civil engineering and surface works