Training at SWR

Cornerstone for your future

Everyone is needed in the team, whether they are a skilled civil engineering worker, pipelayer or heavy equipment operator. Your training is important to us and we will help you to become an accomplished skilled worker.
Our trainees today come from eight countries. Each one has the opportunity to complete their professional qualification and be taken on as an employee. You can rely on our help in achieving this.
  • Support from our Training Officer
  • Motivation through requirements and assistance
  • Special support with exam preparation
  • High trainee pay based on collective agreement for construction
Ausbildung bei der SWR
Training young people well is always a team effort. Learning from one another and sharing knowledge is both an obligation and principle for us.
Florian Maeder
Training Officer

We train

Jobs requiring training
at SWR

Heavy equipment
operator (m/f/x)

Heavy equipment operators (m/f/x) transport cranes, bulldozers, compactors, excavators and concrete mixers to the construction site and ensure they are ready for use, for example.

Pipeline builder

Pipeline builders (m/f/x) produce pipeline systems for gas, oil, water, waste water and district heating and are responsible for maintenance.

Skilled civil engineering worker (m/f/x)

Skilled civil engineering workers (m/f/x) carry out road, track, well, pipeline, sewer system or special civil engineering works, depending on their training speciality.